On October 27, 2021, Mr. Paul Fryer (Field Representative for Congressman Sanford Bishop), organized a meeting at Big Jim’s Restaurant for 10:30am. Mr. Brent Mortimer from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was there to speak and answer questions. Attending was concerned citizens of both Seminole and Decatur counties. After much good discussion, the following recommendations were made:

• Mr. Paul Fryer stated we should voice our concerns in letters to Congressman Bishop.
• Mr. Mortimer stated that if we raised our own money for “grass” management, the Corps would provide permits if we contracted with licensed pesticide applicators.

This meeting triggered, in my mind, the need for a COMPLEMENTARY approach to addressing the needs of Lake Seminole. For over 40 years we have depended on the Federal Government to adequately address the issue of invasive grasses, and their support has been insufficient. This meeting occurred three years after Hurricane Michael and the safety issues it created were still unresolved. They say insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. It was time for another approach. I developed an alternate approach, and from this was born the concept of the Stewards of Lake Seminole.

Instead of individual letters, I initiated a petition which was signed by over 1100 concerned people who recognized the need for action. Multiple meetings were held by me and others with county commissioners, the Corps of Engineers, Mr. Paul Fryer and other concerned citizens. A history of activity resulting from the October 27th meeting is included in chronological order. The formalization of the Stewards of Lake Seminole Inc. into a nonprofit organization is not the end of this story, but the beginning of a new success story. Individually our voices and actions are lost. Together we can make a difference. If we don’t save Lake Seminole, who will???


Safety and Environmental


We, the undersigned citizens and voters, call on Federal, State and Local governments to take immediate action to save Lake Seminole from the navigational hazards caused by Hurricane Michael and the invasive grasses that are destroying this phenomenal resource, reducing property values, impacting local economies and creating potential environmental catastrophes thru flooding and fish kills. We find the actions of Federal Leadership, Stewards of this resource, to be less than reasonable and sufficient, as demonstrated by two years without any budget for management of this problem and a ludicrous budget of only $200,000 for the last fiscal year for equipment, labor and chemicals. An annual budget in excess of $1,500,000.00 is urgently needed to effectively manage this problem.


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