Founders Letter

I fell in love with Lake Seminole when I first moved to South Georgia in 1977. It filled my heart and helped sustain my sanity as I traveled the world and dealt with the stresses of building a career. During that time, I watched that dynamic ecosystem grow, evolve and provided millions of hours of enjoyment to millions of people. Including me and my family!

Aquatic vegetation is essential for our dynamic ecosystem and sustaining our fantastic fishery. Management, NOT ERADICATION, is what we seek. BALANCE is the key to delivering the maximum value to the stakeholders. Significant areas of Lake Seminole have become unusable for fish, wildlife and recreators. The need for ecosystem restoration is now! In 2021, tourism exceeded $68 million for Seminole and Decatur counties. Lake Seminole is a key financial resource for tourism, recreation activities, property owner’s investments, taxes and much more for our communities. More importantly, the memories created with our children, grandchildren, and friends are PRICELESS. Preserving and enhancing that resource is in our hands as Stewards of Lake Seminole.

The Federal Government has not fully appreciated Lake Seminole as the valuable resource that it is to the communities of South Georgia and North Florida. Funding and actions over the years have tried to address weeds but not to the extent needed. I founded The Stewards of Lake Seminole Inc. to help fill the gaps not being covered by funding from the Federal Government.

Our Mission, to secure funding as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, to manage invasive species in Lake Seminole, in a collaborative but timely manner with the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, for the benefit of property owners on Lake Seminole, bordering communities, and the federal, state, and local governments that benefit from the recreation, revenue and taxes that the Lake Seminole resource generates.

Our Plan is to IDENTIFY through our diverse team of knowledgeable stakeholders, areas of Lake Seminole negatively impacted by invasive species and requiring consideration for immediate corrective action. Once identified, we will COLLABORATE with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and propose solutions for consideration and approval to secure permits. Once permitted we will contract with a licensed aquatic herbicide applicator, provide over-sight of the application, and COMMUNICATE results to our communities. Concurrently, we will EDUCATE the communities on the issues negatively affecting their valuable resource.

Our GOAL, by April 2023 is to raise $250,000.00 to fund specific projects that demonstrate the capabilities of our organization, the support and resolve of our communities, and the value we will deliver. For the recreators, we will endeavor to keep the channels navigable. For the property Owner’s, we will endeavor to pursue management of invasive grasses around boat docks not targeted by the Corps of Engineers. For the business owner’s and communities, we will endeavor to provide leadership that will enhance tourism spending and the economic impact on the communities. We will begin to restore ecosystems devastated by Cuban Bullrush, hydrilla, water hyacinths, and other invasives.

The Future of Lake Seminole is in OUR Hands! Join the Stewards of Lake Seminole Inc. TODAY and be a part of our SUCCESS STORY!

Sincerely and passionately yours,
Stewards of Lake Seminole Inc.
Steve Dickman
Founder, President, Executive Director