Survey Comments


Gary Milton – I think the Stewards of Lake Seminole are off to a good start and am optimistic for the future of Lake Seminole.   When the Grass Carp are stocked in October, I am hopeful that this will help control the Hydrilla. In the meantime, I am concerned about the operation of the electric Fish Gate (Lewis Pond at the State Park).   The last time I went through it (mid-August) the lights were still not working.  Does that mean the Gate itself isn’t working?     I hope that can be checked before the Grass Carp are stocked.

Angela Hagen– What a blessing you have been for the lake!  You have given me hope that we can manage the invasive problem.  Lake Seminole looks great because of your much appreciated efforts! Thank you!

Marty Criswell–  I would like to take a moment to encourage ALL homeowners (stakeholders) who live on the lake or the surrounding area to get behind this mission. My wife, Karen, and I are totally supportive of this initiative. We are very happy with the initial results and the efforts put forth by the Stewards of Lake Seminole (SOLS). Keep in mind “Rome wasn’t built in a day” nor can anyone or group miraculously fix what has taken years/decades to diminish the quality of our lake…patience please!!!! As the old adage says, “it takes a village to raise a child”, the same could be said for this initiative. We need everyone to get behind this mission and help the SOLS and the Army Corps of Engineers to clean up our lake. It is only going to help each and every one of us. Any amount of money regardless how small or large will help tremendously in this effort. Let’s all get involved to help ourselves. Thank you very many SOLS for all that you have done, and we look forward to your continued success.

Donald Haley – Thanks for the feedback about monies posted, keep up the good work.


Debbie Dodds – We have only lived here for a couple of years.  We have been visiting the lake for decades.  Sometimes we wonder if we made a mistake retiring here, but the Stewards of Lake Seminole has given us hope that the lake will be improved.  We plan to continue supporting this group and keeping our fingers crossed that the government agencies will step in along with the community and realize what a great resource Lake Seminole is.  Thank you.

Tom & Lydia Barineau – As I said before, I am disappointed in (what seems to me to be) the low participation in the Recovery Area.  My only suggestion to remedy that is to have more meetings at Ease and present information at the quarterly Community dinners at the Firehouse.  I suspect the latter has been done, but there are new folks moving into this area who might not be aware of the Stewards project.

Stephen Poitevint – The spraying in the spring was effective. Not completely but much better than in the past. I was very optimistic. However, most weeds were down but came back in June July. We needed at least one more application but don’t believe we got it. Consequently, weeds were bad July 4th holidays and very bad now. If money was the issue, maybe everyone would be willing to increase giving by a small percentage to cover the spring and the entire summer. Thank you for your efforts. We are making progress.

Donna Thornton – We contributed $1000 and will continue that level or more. Don’t know the level id. I suggest giant signage at intersections, yard signs indicating “Proud Supporter”, signage we can post on our docks featuring contact information, a new member challenge campaign: choose a month and hammer it hard. Are tee shirts selling? Host a clean-up day on the lake. We can grill and reward citizens for taking part. Push membership with hospitality events, host get togethers at individual’s homes, payment plans for those who wish to contribute over a specified timeline. Feature recreation like skiers and boats pulling inner tube instead or as a compliment to your news stories. Just a thought, hope something sparks your interest. I’m still unsure of county’s position, I put good, but I do not know for sure.

Bill Timby – I believe we are on the right path and the money raised in 1 year is pretty amazing.  It will probably take a couple of years, but with continued support, I think the Seminole chain of lakes will get back to a valuable asset for the area and the State.  GOTTA, KEEP IT GOING!

Jane Merritt – If there is no “green “ growing in front of my house in the water…. then I’m very satisfied.  Vanzant slough just north of “At Ease Campground and restaurant”

Ruth Breckenridge – This group has worked so hard and diligently and I really appreciate what is happening. I look forward to the future of Lake Seminole.

Butch Bundy – I will continue to give more. I appreciate someone taking this on as the Lewis pond and rays lake part of Seminole had gotten almost unusable since we bought our property in 2013.

Jo & Charles Bush – Well done!

Dewayne Brown – We hope the Corp of Engineers will be more lenient in permitting docks on Spring Creek and allowing some cleaning up of the banks so that land owners can enjoy the creek/lake. We own Creekside property about 500 meters south of Smith Landing.

Oscar Bailey – in talking to people they complain about the hydrilla. as i see it we haven’t been very successful in killing it. Lilly pads and some other grasses it has killed. I know the wind, temp and lots of variables enter the picture. I would like to see opposite fish pond drain going out into the river the opening just opposite the gator hole lime sink where people night fish for crappie. Needs spraying  mechanical harvesting , opening up the ways to get back into spooner field and chimney island. Also continue further down just to the west of  i 75 across fishpond drain channel going into mid spooner field should be opened up there are several other areas. One being the northern part  going through the 100-yard  ditch  to northern part of spooner field  cleaned out and wider opening to this area and also to the left going into the middle part of spooner field. If you haven’t done so already and if so, do it again. contact all dock owners and try to get them to pay . Fix more areas for bank fishing  for people that don’t have boats and elderly.

Danny Thomas – Great job!  Looking forward to continuing progress on our invasive species.

Richard Reetz – Weed control is not as good as hoped for. Maybe put a drip at the bridges???..