Spending Protocol




Stewards of Lake Seminole Inc. has the potential to receive and affect funding from numerous stakeholders. We endeavor to effectively and fairly manage the  allocation and use of these funds for the benefit of the respective stakeholder groups. Consequently, we have prepared these guidelines to help in the management of those outcomes.

  1. Federal Government-The Federal Government, by law, is the only source of funding for the USACE and they can not solicit funding from any other source. The Stewards of Lake Seminole can impact that funding by direct requests to our Congressional representatives. When this funding is approved, we have the potential to affect where those monies are allocated and spent by the ACF Rivers Project team, but we have no direct access to or control of these monies. With the aquatic excavator, it may be possible to qualify as a contractor to the Corps to implement projects using these monies. This can be a major source of funding for Lake Seminole.
  2. S.A.C.E.- The Corps of Engineers, through the Handshake Program, can award and support selected projects. These projects typically are for Partnerships and require some level of contribution by the Partners. The Stewards of Lake Seminole may fund their share of a Partner contribution through State DNR, local government support, non-government grants, corporate sponsorships and community sponsorships.
  3. State Grants– State money can not be given directly to a non-profit but can flow through government entities. The Department of Natural Resources has been this entity for the State of Georgia. These monies will be used to reclaim and restore fisheries and wildlife habitat projects. Support of the Cuban Bulrush Task Force will be with funding from this source.
  4. Non-Government Grants-Unless they have a specific designation, these Grants will be focused on Conservation efforts to restore non-residential lake access, recreational use and to improve the overall health of the fishery. Education will also be an important use for these funds and communication of plans, actions and results.
  5. Local Governments– Funding from these sources will probably be specific in nature and will be allocated and spent as directed by the giver.
  6. Community and Corporate Sponsorships-Unless specifically designated by the Sponsor, these funds will be used to support the overall efforts of the Stewards in fulfilling their mission.
  7. Residential Property Owners-These funds will be directed towards residential access and collaboration projects in the specific areas of the property owners.
  8. Specific Projects– From time-to-time Stewards may initiate a “specific action needed” project and solicit funding specifically for that project.